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Senior Graduation Slideshows

Slideshow videos typically tell the story of the graduating senior's life. Most often, images appear in chronological order beginning with baby pictures and conclude with a more recent photo.

Hint: Separate the young and teenage years into different "chapters" with different music in each sequence or add another chapter featuring their friends.

Wedding Rehearsal Dinner Slideshows

Many wedding slideshows use a three chapter format.
Chaper 1 - The Bride and her family
Chapter 2 - The Groom and his family
Chapter 3 - The Bride and Groom

Hint: Be sure to add pictures of friends who will be attending the wedding for big responses at the event!

Memorial and Funeral Slideshows

Memorial slideshows carry a different set of challenges. There is often little time to prepare as funeral services are planned in just a few days. The simpliest method of storytelling is when the images appear in random order highlighting the individual's life.

Hint: If you want to have your photos appear chronologically, we suggest placing pictures of life milestones first then filling in the gaps.

  • Mother of The Bride - Wedding Rehearsal Dinner Slideshow

    Bonnie R.
    Mother of The Bride

    "I cried and laughed - exactly the reaction I wanted! The graphics and music were timed beautifully! We will enjoy it for years."

  • Mother of The Senior Graduate - High School Graduation Slideshow

    Julie M.
    Mother of The Graduate

    "Our slideshow was the hit of the graduation party! Everyone loved it! Thank you for making it for our daughter!"

  • father and son picture from a funeral memorial service slideshow

    Tim B.
    Loving son

    ""The slideshow created for my dad was absolutely perfect. Thanks for spending time with us and for getting it done the next day!"

couple looking through their photo albums finding pictures for their anniversay party slideshow

Your Story

Every great movie begins with a great story and slideshows are no exception. We think that every human has a story. Some stories make us laugh. Some make us cry. Some show the hero in all of us. Some show our frailty. No matter where you came from or where you are going, YOUR STORY MATTERS and it deserves to be shared.

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