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video transcript

Alright so we are going to dive right into uploading our photos and our video clips to milestoneslideshows.com.

We're going to start by opening up our web browser and we are going to head to milestoneslideshows.com. This is our home page and it's really pretty and if you have been here before you'll notice that we have made some changes with a lot of upgrades.

We make wedding rehearsal slideshows, graduation slideshows, funeral and memorial slideshows but if you notice up here, there is a tab called "Slideshow Help" and this is where this video is going to end up living. This is where you can go if you have any problems at all. Any kind of questions when you are creating your slideshow from gathering your images, tips of how to put them in order to tell a story, or how you can entice an aunt who hasn't returned a phone call in three weeks to get those albums over to you because you have to get pictures together. To even scanning and best practices for scanning to make sure your pictures look really great on the screen. So we will have all that there.

So if you are ready to upload, you already have all of your pictures together. They are sitting in a folder and they are ready to deliver. Then we have great news for you. You do not have to rename your pictures anymore. You don't have to worry about putting them in a particular order on your desktop. You can do all of that right on our website which is really cool. It simplifies the process and saves you a ton of time. So here we go. Let's get started.

We're going to click "start you order" here and we are going to put in our email address: email@milestoneslideshows.com because that is my email address. You will be putting in your own. I'm going to be creating a graduation slideshow tutorial. My daughter is graduating next year and I am super proud of her but also super sad that it happened so fast. But it is what it is. We are going to put in that info. This is merely for just an identifier so that we can make sure that all of our pictures and videos end up in the correct folder. We'll hit "Go!" and going...going...ah I have been here before. I know I have. I have tested it out. There we go. "Marley's Graduation." I am not a robot.

And that's another thing too. Milestone Slideshows - we don't use robots. We don't use wizards. We don't use gimmicks. We touch every single one of your pictures and get them to synchronize perfectly with your music. It's much, much better that way.

Anyway, so now we are on the upload page. This is where we are going to put in "Marley's Graduation." I tear up everytime I think about it.

Here is a dropzone that comes up in the middle of the screen. It's just a white box. And if you'll notice over here, I have a folder with some pictures. These are not Marley. These I took from an online source but they are all legit. I paid for them!

But here we have nine pictures that symbolize a young girl's life as she grows from an infant all the way up to the mature eighteen year old that she is.

Anyway so I have the pictures here in this folder and you can see that the titles, the names of these files are just jibberish and I did that on purpose. Normally, in the old days, up until just recently the only way to get these pictures to appear in the right order was to painstakingly (oops) renumber them. Ugh. See what a pain this is and I'm not even doing that on purpose.

So that's one way to get them in order. It's not our way anymore.

So here we go. Now they are back together in alphabetical order. This is not the way we want it to appear in our slideshow. I want my daughter's baby picture to come first and I want her graduation picture to come last. That makes sense. Right? It tells the story.

So over here in the dropbox you can click to upload if you would like. We're going to do that. You can also drag and drop it. We are going to select all of those and then we are going to hit "open." And here they are. They are in the same order they appeared over here in my windows browser. And the thing about the Windows browser too, you can't just drag it and drop it to where you want. And that's a pain.

So we are going to come over here and rename all of these files. No, we are not. We are going to come over here and we are going to drag them and drop them exactly where we want them to appear. For example, if we wanted to put the baby's picture first and who wouldn't? That's the beginning of the story. We'll just slide the baby right there. And the last picture of course will be of the graduation so we will put that there. And then we'll just try to arrange them by the age of the little girl. So this looks like it's number two. This will be number three. This will be number four. And number five, Number six. Number seven. Number eight and number nine. I'm happy with that order. I think that looks good. We are going to click "upload" and look at the little blue lines that are signifying the end of the pain that I've gone through to create a slideshow before I found MilestoneSlideshows.com.

And look at that. All files are uploaded. Is that something? All files uploaded and you barely had to do anything. Now all of your pictures and your video clips have arrived into our mailbox. They've magically been lifted from your desktop and placed and placed on ours. That's a miracle. That's incredible.

You will be getting an email from us. It'll be just a verification email. So verify your order. We'll get cracking on your slideshow and we are really looking forward to it. It's going to be beautiful. You're going to love it. It's going to make your event and it will be so special.

If you have any questions at all, feel free to reach out to us at email@milestoneslideshows.com or visit us online at milestoneslideshows.com.

Thanks a lot guys. Happy slideshowing!

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