Slideshow Help

Playing Your Slideshow

slideshow playing on tv

Your TV

If you own a SmartTV, you can play your slideshow directly from a thumb drive. Just plug your USB thumb drive into a USB port on your TV and select the slideshow from the menu.

slideshow playing on your computer

Your Computer

Your slideshow file can be in almost any format you choose. The most common, an mp4 file, is playable on most devices including phones, computers, and tablets.

slideshow playing on your dvd player

Your DVD Player

Many of our packages offer a choice of a downloadable video file or a DVD. Our DVDs include artwork and an image printed on the disc. Slideshow DVDs can be purchased for $25.

slideshow playing on your projector

Your Projector

If your venue is equipped with a projector, connect your computer to the projector with the appropriate video cable and open the mp4 file with your computer's media player.

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