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If you are frustrated trying to create a slideshow for your event, you have come to the right place. From the best methods of gathering images to choosing music to uploading videos, we will cover it all by demonstrating the best practices and common mistakes when building your video slideshow. We hope to deliver valuable information to help you as you create the perfect slideshow for your special occasion. The slideshow help desk is continuously growing.

Arrange and Upload Your Pictures

28 September | about us | slideshow help

You don't have to worry about putting picture and video files in a particular order on your desktop. You can do all of that right on our website. It simplifies the process and saves you a ton of time. Let's get started.

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What We Do

Milestone Slideshows is a division of Orpheus and Aphrodite Music and Photography. Since 1999, we have created beautiful, one of a kind slideshow videos celebrating weddings, graduations...

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coming up with a storyline for your slideshow

Developing Your Storyline

Every great movie begins with a great story. We will explore several storylines and ways to create your own scenarios in this slideshow tutorial.

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organizing your images

Gathering Your Pictures

From rummaging through old cardboard boxes to restoring old photographs, we look at techniques of collecting your pictures and making them the best they can be before they are in the slideshow.

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